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Oaxis W960
Limited Warranty Singapore, garansi hanya di Singapore, tidak berlaku di Indonesia

FREE Original Carrying Case
FREE Screen Protector (anti gores) senilai Rp. 75.000
FREE Ear Phone senilai Rp. 75.000
FREE CD berisi 1.100+ ebook

Hub: 0816 825 137

Oaxis Ebook Reader is a very light weight feather weighing only 152 grams, despite being so light it still comes with 2 GB worth of internal storage which is more than enough storage of books for a few generations. If you feel that that is not enough, you can still use the SD card storage (supports up to 32 GB). The SD card storage can also be used to store music files. You can use the directional pad (very sensitive mini joystick) to turn the pages or simply use the touch sensitive keys. There are also 2 buttons on the back of the eReader to scroll up and down or act as a volume control. It supports MP3, WMA and AAC formats. This device has a 3.5 mm ear phone jack.

Long by 16 centimeters to 11.6 centimeters wide, just under an inch thick and 152 grams weighing.

Airship using touch-sensitive buttons and a mini joystick, it allows the viewing of documents in formats EPUB, DOC, FB2, PDB, PDF, HTML and TXT files, images, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIF, and Listening to music in AAC, FLAC, MP3 and WMA. These data are read from the memory to 2GB it integrates or from a memory card to the maximum capacity of 32 GB inserted in its SD / SDHC.

As for autonomy in the move, it is ensured by a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer rechargeable via its miniUSB port.

A slim device that is portable, comfortable to read and hold.

The e-Ink Display
6 inches e-Ink display, it uses Electronic Paper Display (EPD) that offers a paper-like reading experience. EPD does not require being back-lit or a continuously refreshing display; therefore it does not lead to eye-strain with reading. It allows outdoor reading as it eliminate glare under the sun.

Owing to the working principle of EPD, the energy consumption of the ebook is kept to the minimum. The display does not require energy to maintain a static page, it only draws a tiny amount from the battery when you the turn the page. Hence, you read more with every charge.

Knowledge is boundless, while books are limited. Printed book are bounded by the physical dimensions that make them bulky to travel with. You can add your all favorite books and magazines into the ebook and it does not gain an inch, making it a perfect companion for travelling. You can further expand its capacity with built-in SD card reader.

Music Player
The built-in MP3 player lets you listen to your favourite music. Block out those background noise and concentrate on what’s important.

It can handle major digital document formats. Simply connect the ebook to any PC via USB to transfer your documents. Alternatively you can use an SD card to transfer documents between the ebook and the computer.

Cap sense Touch key and 5 way mini joystick
Using the ebook is as simple as turning a page. The page turning buttons are located on the back of the device and the 5 way joystick; other functions are accessible through the 4 touch keys located at the bottom of the screen. The keys offer a direct and intuitive interface, without having to navigate through list of functions with a direction key.

Inside the box:
1 x Oaxis W960 eBook Reader
1 x Original Carrying Case
1 x USB Cable
1 x Earphone

Oaxis Specification
Display 6" inch e-Ink Display
Resolution 800 X 600 with 4 levels of greyscale
116 x 160 x 10 mm
Color Black
152 gr
Connection Type
USB 2.0
Menu Language 7 Languages (English, Dutch, Italian, Portugese, French, Spanish, Russian)
Internal Memory
2 GB
enough for about 1500 ebooks and documents
External Memory
SD card slot (max 32 GB)
7 Preset EQ (nor, MS PlayFX, rock, classic, POP, Bass, rbs, qbs)
Battery Internal Lithium-Polymer
Battery Charging Time approx. 4 hours
Supported Formats ASCII, UNICODE TXT, DOC,
PDB, ePub, HTML, PDF, FB2,
Support music and photo browse in-phase
Mode Operation Cap sense Touch key and 5 way joystick
8 X
Designed in Singapore
Assembled in China

GRATIS Original Carrying Case

GRATIS Screen Protector
senilai Rp. 75.000

GRATIS CD berisi 1.100+ ebook

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